Cash for Houses Grandview: Avoid Scams, Find Trustworthy Investors

Thinking of selling your Grandview house for cash? Cash offers can be a fast and convenient way to sell your property. However, beware of unsolicited texts or calls from potential scammers.

I know we get them on our properties all of the time. My blocked caller list on my phone has thousands of phone numbers; yet, a day rarely goes by without me getting some sort of spam text offering to buy one of our properties for cash. The funny thing is that most of the texts don’t even refer to properties that we currently own. Or they call me George. Or Patrick.

However, if you need to sell your Grandview home fast because you’re facing a foreclosure or a divorce, and you need to get out from under the house to relieve yourself of the stress and burdens, it can seem like one of those texts or calls, while arriving out of the blue, has been divine intervention, sent to save you from your situation.

Unfortunately, you’re wrong.

Most of the Texts You Receive Are Scammers

In 2022, Americans lost $330 million to real estate text scams. The scammers text you, promising to buy your house, and then either convince you to send them money for the service, a la a Nigerian scammer, or they are going to try to get you into some sort of contract that ties up your ability to do anything with you home.

Additionally, in Missouri, case law is developing against the mass texters, which, while the authors of that article seem perplexed, seems like a good thing to me in that it protects people who are in stressful situations from being taken advantage of because of their precarious financial positions.

Not All Texts You Receive Are Scammers

It’s also common for Realtors to send texts to try to drum up business. Additionally, you will probably receive texts occasionally from people who are trying to find folks like you who need to sell their Grandview homes quickly and are allured by the idea of an all cash buyer, who will get you under contract and then try to find a bunch of investors to fund the purchase.

Neither of those are the types of people that you want to deal with.

The Realtors are going to take a while to get your listing ready. They’re going to want to try to get top dollar for your listing, because that’s how they get paid, which, in normal circumstances, is a good thing. However, if you need to sell your house fast to a cash buyer in Grandview because of an imminent financial situation like a foreclosure, time is not on your side, and nearly 20% of homes listed in the area are on the market for more than five months. By then, you may find your house being auctioned on the courthouse steps in Cleburne.

The wholesalers – people who get your house under contract and then try to find the buyer – are not going to be able to close on your house fast because of one simple reason. They don’t have the cash. Not all cash buyers are created equal. Some may not have the funds to close quickly, delaying the sale of your house.

Instead, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you find a cash buyer for your Grandview house who can close quickly.

Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself and Get a Fast Closing From a Trustworthy Home Investor

  • Register for the Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call List: You can register your phone number here. It won’t stop the calls and texts, but it will stop some, and you can report unwanted calls as well.
  • Don’t respond to unsolicited texts or calls: No matter how much you may think that a higher power has sent someone to help you out in this situation, a random text from a random stranger at a random phone number isn’t that answer. Just don’t respond and block the phone number.
  • If you do decide to engage, do research first: Google the phone number. It might actually be a legitimate human being on the other side of that text who could potentially help you out, but…
  • Ask for proof of funds: Most of them, if you actually get that far, will give you some sort of bogus line of credit letter or something along those lines. That’s not proof of funds. Proof of funds will be a screenshot (with the account number not visible, of course) from a reputable financial institution showing actual cash or stocks being held in a sufficient amount to actually close on the fast sale of your Grandview house.
  • Look them up on the county deed record site: If they’re local and have done property transactions like they claim, then it should be easy to find them.
Jason and Jane Hull's property transactions in Johnson County, Texas

As you can see here, my wife and I have done 29 property transactions in Johnson County (the 30th hadn’t been recorded as of the time I wrote this article). Now, do you trust a random texter more, or do you trust us more?

  • Don’t be pressured into signing a contract you don’t understand: A potential buyer who is untrustworthy will want you to sign their contract as quickly as possible. Talk to an attorney, or, if you can’t afford one, talk to Fidelity Title, as they’re who we use for all of our closings, and they will steer you in the right direction in terms of what is and is not legitimate in a real estate sales contract.
  • If you’re looking to sell your Grandview home fast as is to a cash buyer, it’s easy to get taken advantage of. Take a few steps to ensure the trustworthiness of the partner you work with and increase the likelihood that you’re going to walk away with some cash in your pocket and not get taken advantage of.

    If we seem like the right partners, contact us today and see if we are the right fit for you. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below, and we can start working to see if we can help you sell your home fast.

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