Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I avoid foreclosure if I sell my house to you?

Yes. That’s the purpose of selling your house to us. We can get to closing very quickly. Part of the title and closing process is working with your bank to find out how much you owe and making sure that the amount is paid off and you’re credited with it so that you can walk away from the house without having to worry about the stress of the foreclosure hanging over you.

How can you close fast?

First off, we’re cash buyers. We have cash or other liquid assets like stocks or bonds that we can sell in order to fund the closing. You’ll see genuine proof of our funds when we make an offer to you. Secondly, we have an established relationship with our title company. We’ve done 65 purchsaes and sales with them, so they know the importance of getting the title work done quickly. Furthermore, since we are cash buyers, there’s no mortgage paperwork, underwriting approvals, inspection confirmations, and the like to slow down the process. We’re going to buy your property as is, so, aside from a walkthrough, and in a rare case, a follow-up walkthrough, you don’t have to worry about completing repairs before closing, unlike what happens when you have a buyer who needs a mortgage in order to close.

Why are cash buyers better for me if I’m facing a foreclosure?

Cash buyers are better for you if you’re facing a foreclosure because you can sell your house fast to a cash buyer. In Texas, the average time between missing your first foreclosure and having your house auctioned off is five months. If you’re already facing a foreclosure, that timeline is much shorter. Time is your enemy. You’re very unlikely to get a buyer who has to get a mortgage to get to the finish line and close on the sale of your house quickly. Time is of the essence, and you need a fast, nimble buyer who can close quickly so that you can avoid foreclosure.

How long would it take for me to sell my home if I listed it through a Realtor?

We have a a great days on market calculator that can give you a pretty good estimate of just how long it would take for your home to sell if you listed it through a Realtor. You should check it out!

Why do I want to use a cash buyer if I inherited a property?

This one is really a matter of personal preference. If you’ve inherited a property, and you simply don’t want to fool with it, then selling your house to a cash buyer is likely to be your best choice. Cash buyers like us buy properties as is. We’ve bought a home where an elderly resident passed away in the bedroom and nobody discovered the resident or the two poor dogs who were trapped inside for two weeks. I’ll never forget that smell. We’re used to those situations, and if you’re out of state or even out of town and don’t want to go through the process of cleaning up the house, getting the repairs done, and getting it prepared for sale, then we can help you out by buying the house as is, where is. We have friends who have spent months and even years cleaning up and going through estate inherited properties, and it’s a time consuming process. It’s also emotionally draining to have to return over and over to the scene that may have a lot of personal memories for you. However, know that you’re paying a price for the convenience of just getting rid of the property. If you’re willing to do all of the clean up, repair, and renovation to the property, find a good Realtor, and list it, you’ll probably get a lot more money, but you’re also likely to have to put some money out up front to get all of that done, and you may find that funds are still tied up in probate. Again, it’s a personal choice, but one that many inheritors have made, to sell your inherited property to a cash buyer.

Do you buy as-is?

Yes. Really, that’s almost always the only way that we’ll buy the property. Unless you’re a carpenter, a licensed plumber, a licensed electrician, or some other person who works in the profession, neither you, the seller, nor us, the buyer, benefits if you try to repair things. There are a couple of things you can do, like painting and getting the yard in good shape, but, for the rest of them, you’ll probably waste money that you need for other things trying to do repairs that you’re not going to get much credit for.

How much will using a cash buyer cost me?

You’re not going to have to pay any closing costs if you use us as your cash home buyers. The reason for this is that we want you to know exactly how much you’re going to walk away from the closing with when you accept our offer so that there are no surprises. Yes, we’re going to use our own people, our own closing firm, our own property manager, who is also a Realtor. However, we’re paying for those services. They benefit us directly in that we get more accurate information and know that we can close quickly. You benefit indirectly in that you know if we make an offer and you accept, we’re going to close. We’ll even use a standard offer form so that both sides are protected in the transaction. If you’re facing a foreclosure, you want to make sure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy party on the other side, and involving standard forms and a known and trusted title agency helps protect you as well.

I thought Realtors slowed the process down. Why are you using one?

Realtors almost always slow down the process compared to a cash buyer when they list a house, and that’s why you’re better off working directly with us as a cash buyer. That said, we use our Realtor to sell properties when we have renovated them. Our Realtor’s team will help us validate what we understand as the market value of your house as well as confirm our estimates of the repair and renovation costs of your house. Because our Realtor’s team is not looking to list your house, since we’re going to be the cash buyers and will work to a speedy close, usually within 7 days, introducing them speeds up and solidifies the process rather than slows it down. However, if you want to sell your house fast to a cash buyer, you’re almost certainly not going to want to list your house with a Realtor.

How fast can I close?

We typically can close on the purchase of your house within 7 days after your acceptance of our offer. There are a few exceptions to this. Title work in Hill County usually takes longer. If you have a cloud on your title, then it’ll take longer. If it’s a holiday season or our title agent has to visit the dentist, it may take a couple of days more. We’re not going to be delaying the closing for you because we’re trying to round up another set of investors to provide the funds. If we make an offer, we have the funds, and we’ll show you proof, so it’s going to be just a matter of getting the title work done as quickly as possible, which, again, is usually done within 7 days.

I get texts, calls, and postcards every day. Why should I use you instead of them?

Please let us disspell you of a notion: that random text didn’t just happen to land in your phone as a matter of divine providence. If you got one of those texts or calls, it’s likely a scammer. It may also be someone who’s prospecting for leads to try to get a bunch of investors to agree to invest in. They almost certainly don’t have funds. I’ve answered some of those texts and calls for properties that we own just to see what they’re about. I’ve yet to see a legitimate bank statement showing money in the bank. If we’re making an offer to you, we’re going to show you money in the bank, or liquid assets that we can sell immediately to fund a fast closing. That said, do your research on us. Check out deed records for Johnson, Tarrant, Hood, and Hill counties. You’ll find us all over them, so you know that we’ve done what we’ve said that we’ve done, and if we tell you we can buy your house for the amount we’re offering, then we’ll close as well.

How do I know I can trust you to buy my house fast?

We don’t have unlimited funds. In a good year, we’ll buy 5 or 6 properties. However, with Google, it’s not like you can turn on and turn off a website and still get people coming to your site. It’s a constant process which we constantly work on. After all, it’s likely that you found us through Google. So, we need to tell you when we’re not in the market so that you don’t have expectations that we can buy your house when we can’t. So, you’ll see this on our contact page and contact form:
J & J Cash Home Buyers Contact Page When We Are Not Buying
Note the wording that we’re not currently buying properties. If you see this, and you want to contact us to see if we can still help you out, by all means, feel free to do so. Just understand that we’re not going to be the ones buying your property in that case. However, if you don’t see that message, we’re open for business.

OK, then. Where are your testimonials?

We don’t have testimonials on our website because we are discreet. You’re facing a difficult situation. You don’t want to publicize it for the world to see.

What paperwork will I need to provide to sell my house fast?

Really, there are only a couple of things that we’re going to be interested in:
  • A mortgage payoff statement: This will tell us exactly how much you need to get out from under your mortgage. If you owe more than we’re willing to pay, there’s no sense continuing the conversation, and we don’t want to waste your time.
  • Any professionally done repairs you’ve had done recently: If you got a new roof a couple of years ago and have the paperwork, we want to see it. We’re still buying your house as is, where is, but it helps us understand what repairs we might not have to deal with.
Otherwise, we’ll rely on our title company to handle the rest of the paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about scurrying around trying to find old documents that are stuck in a filing drawer somewhere.

Can you help me move out of the house after I sell it?

Yes. We have worked with several movers to help our sellers to move out after closing. For example, we purchased a house from an older couple who had a special needs child who lived with them. They were not able to lift heavy objects and needed to focus on caring for their child, so we were able to arrange a mover for them to work with so that they did not have to deal with the hassle of finding a mover, packing, and moving. We simply adjusted the offer price to account for this; however, since we use these services pretty frequently, we can often get a better deal.

Do you buy houses that need repairs? I inherited a property that’s in rough shape.

Yes. We prefer to buy houses as is. We have a network of contractors and handypeople with whom we’ve worked for years, and we’re probably going to be able to get a better price from them than you are, meaning it’s more efficient for us to get the house as is. Furthermore, we can control the quality. If you repair the property, we aren’t sure that the job that was done will meet our standards, and you might wind up wasting your money on repairs that you don’t get credit for.

What happens to any outstanding taxes or liens on the property?

We’ll take care of those at the closing. That’s part of the title process; if you have a lot of liens, it may take longer for our title company to track down the lienholders and get payoff statements. That said, if you know of them, please be up front with us. We don’t want any gotchas that will cause us to have to renegotiate the price because there’s a mechanic’s lien that we discovered in the title search.

What condition does my house need to be in for you to buy it?

We’re pretty wide open. We’ve bought some ramshackle properties in the past. That said, if the repair costs will exceed what we think is economically viable, we’ll let you know and not waste your time.

What is a fair cash offer?

A fair cash offer is one where a willing buyer and a willing seller agree to a price and terms and conditions. Nothing more, nothing less. If we make an offer that you don’t think is fair, just tell us no thanks, and we’ll be on our way. Neither of us has time to waste on protracted negotiations. We’ll give you an offer that meets our needs on our side. It’s up to you whether or not to accept it. If, for some reason, there’s more information you think we need to change our offer, tell us that, although it’s better to be as up front as possible with everything you know so that we can make as accurate of an offer as possible. That said, we’re not going to give you an offer that is the Zestimate. We are in this business to make money. So, we’ll need to make money on what we’re going to invest in the house. If you had plenty of time and your house was in pristine condition, you could get the Zestimate (or potentially even more). However, chances are that’s not the case. If that is the case, you should absolutely list your house with a Realtor.

What happens at the closing?

It’s actually a pretty simple process. Our closing agent will get in touch with you to get some information and to schedule the closing time and location. You’ll show up. They’ll have a bunch of forms for you to sign that will have stickies with “Sign here.” You’ll sign. Shortly thereafter, if you’re going to get any cash at closing, you’ll either get a cashier’s check or you’ll have the funds wired into your account. A few days later, they’ll file the deed with the county. At the closing, the title agency will also wire funds to the bank that is holding your mortgage to pay it off, and if you have other liens or owe other taxes, they’ll send the funds to the appropriate places so that you can walk away from the transaction completely done with your house and ready to move on with the next phase of your life.

What is your process for evaluating my house?

Certainly, the first part of the process is telling us everything you know about the condition of the house in the contact form. With that, we’ll come up with a mental estimate of how much it will cost us to get your house into tip top condition, and we’ll make you a soft offer for how much we could pay for your house. Assuming that price works for you, then we’ll have someone from our property manager’s team contact you to schedule a walkthrough as soon as possible. They’ll do a walkthrough, which will help us confirm or adjust our estimate for repairs. We’ll then confirm a final offer, and if you agree to that, then we’ll send you a contract to sign and get the closing process started. Ready to sell your house fast? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation cash offer!
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